Writer Publication – Internet Marketing Strategies For What Writers Publish

Writer Publication

By Jan Verhoeff

Writers often leave their work on the table, wishing they had a market. They no longer have to lose sales because it’s too difficult to market their work. Marketing and publication can walk hand in hand down the Information Highway.

Impacting your reader means the reader needs access to what you write. Or put more accurately, as a writer, your job isn’t finished until the reader actually has access to what you wrote. Simply, if you’re waiting on someone to come along and market what you’ve written, or represent your writing to the general public, your writing will grow stale first. Do you know how to market your writing website?

Get hits on your website.

Having a top rated, search engine optimized, website helps you to drive traffic, because people automatically click on the first page links that come up when they’re searching for their title. But if front page of Google is your only traffic driver, you may be waiting a while to get attention.

Article marketing and interlinking your website with other like minded links offers a more lucrative form of marketing your website to the public. Get the link numbers out there and you’ll get the hits you deserve. You can do that by posting your link on other people’s websites in comments, relevant link backs to their sites, or from them to your website, and paid marketing or advertising.

Drive responses with traffic generation.

Article marketing offers substantial innovation with traffic generation and response dubbing methods. Once a reader clicks on your link they’re targeted as an interested party in the information you provide. From that point forward, keeping their interest is a minor chore. You give them interesting options that intrigue them, capturing their attention on your website. Give them buy in and opt in options so they can be invited back to your website using an auto responder or product links.

Don’t forget the automatic call to action that teaches your reader what you want them to do. Tell them, “Click Here!” and they will.

Create irresistible reference links to your site.

These come from other sites like yours who promote your site, by adding info links back to your site. You’ll get these by including informative content and rss feeds to your website as well as, asking people for referral messages and interviews. Some of the best interviews include links back to a website for more information. Make that your website link those readers follow.

When you provide quality information, people will follow the links and refer their friends to information they’re interested in reading. Give it a whirl, add a link worthy article to your website today!

Are you ready to increase your market with high-impact marketing?

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eBook Marketing Strategy: How to Turn Your Blog Into an eBook

Blog to Book

By Jan Verhoeff

Every time you write a post on your blog, you write great content. You spend time on that content, and it has real value. Why not publish it in a book?

Seth Godin, the master blogger, has published incredible numbers of books using content he previously published in blog posts. Each bit of his blog posts can and does show up in a book at one point or other. Shopping the book store, I flipped through a copy of one book, and realized… I’ve read all of this before. I bought the book. It was contained between the covers; all that wisdom in one spot.

Then the concept slapped me upside the head and I realized I could have been doing the same thing all these years. Instead of struggling to WRITE a BOOK on the side, I could be publishing my blog content into books. Yay me!

What about you?

Do you have content worthy of recreating into a published book?

Tricia Lott Williford published her blogs into a book – albeit, edited, rewritten, and formatted into a continuum that offered insight into situations like hers – but a book. The concept sprung from writing every day.

In reality, many bloggers have pulled valuable content from their blogs, edited, rewritten, or resculpted their posts and turned them into books. Some writers, such as Krystine Kercher, format blog posts into that specific line of thought and write chapters of their book as blog posts you can read. Then publish the book with all of the chapters, so you have it in one brilliant well-bound presentation. And what a cover!

Even if your blog has an incredible cover, the design of your book cover can improve marketability of your book. Purposeful design is always an option over the random header and blog branding that takes place on your website. Why not improve the brand with a great book cover?

Plot your blog for publication –

There’s a secret to writing blog posts for publication, and I’m going to give it to you right here:

  • Have a plan for each blog post.
  • Create an outline and add your blog post to a specific part of the eBook document.
  • Fill up your outline with articles you write on your blog.
  • Submit your document (the one where you post all of your blog posts) to a publishing company online – I use KDP Amazon, to publish my eBooks.

When you sit down to write a blog post, if I’ve learned anything through the years, from Jeff Herring, the content guy, it’s the need to have a plan. Not only should your blog post offer incredible value to the reader, but it should be set up in an organized way so the reader recognizes the value of what they’re reading right away. Don’t lead readers astray – give them what they need.

Write with intent!

Content marketing is alive and well. You just read some amazing great content, and got enough from it that you’re still reading.

Go ahead, click the link and visit for more valuable information that you can use to publish your blog, or create great content. Or better yet, market a book you’ve already published. Click!

Ezine Publication – 7 Power Packed Steps to Successful Ezine Publication

By Jan Verhoeff

Can you write? Well, that may not be a requirement. You could actually publish an ezine every week and never write a single paragraph yourself. It’s been done. But, if you can write a reasonable sentence and formulate a paragraph, you’re ahead of the game.

These 7 Power Packed Steps will move you directly into the large number of Successful Ezine Publishers now listed on the Internet.

1. Keep it short.

Two or three articles and a short message from the editor is all it takes to create a powerful ezine with marketing and sales clout.

2. Send regularly.

An ezine should be sent once a month or once every two weeks, but no more frequently than that. More frequent messages would have a different title.

3. Killer headlines.

Be sure it carries killer headlines with keyword impact and voice. Use the headlines to capture attention and get noticed.

4. Exclusive promotion.

Only provide it to your subscribers. Make sure your subscribers know they get the special service they deserve for having subscribed to your ezine.

5. Subscriber benefits.

Promote through a double opt-in sign up link and give your subscribers special free gifts and benefits. Offer a free report, special prices on ebooks, and other benefits frequently.

6. Provide valuable content.

Write articles promoting products and services for your website and online business. Keep subscribers interested with valuable content and informative articles.

7. Include contact info.

Your readers may want to respond to you. Offer contact information in your ezine.

Are you ready to publish your ezine?

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