By Jan Verhoeff

Can you write? Well, that may not be a requirement. You could actually publish an ezine every week and never write a single paragraph yourself. It’s been done. But, if you can write a reasonable sentence and formulate a paragraph, you’re ahead of the game.

These 7 Power Packed Steps will move you directly into the large number of Successful Ezine Publishers now listed on the Internet.

1. Keep it short.

Two or three articles and a short message from the editor is all it takes to create a powerful ezine with marketing and sales clout.

2. Send regularly.

An ezine should be sent once a month or once every two weeks, but no more frequently than that. More frequent messages would have a different title.

3. Killer headlines.

Be sure it carries killer headlines with keyword impact and voice. Use the headlines to capture attention and get noticed.

4. Exclusive promotion.

Only provide it to your subscribers. Make sure your subscribers know they get the special service they deserve for having subscribed to your ezine.

5. Subscriber benefits.

Promote through a double opt-in sign up link and give your subscribers special free gifts and benefits. Offer a free report, special prices on ebooks, and other benefits frequently.

6. Provide valuable content.

Write articles promoting products and services for your website and online business. Keep subscribers interested with valuable content and informative articles.

7. Include contact info.

Your readers may want to respond to you. Offer contact information in your ezine.

Are you ready to publish your ezine?

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